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Fax List Wholesaler's business fax leads are among the most accurate and up-to-date fax leads in the industry for 18+ years & clients can have our leads pulled from over 190 different countries.

Unlike many marketing business fax leads, our records come with the full record. They include full contacts (including fax number), phone, decision maker names, titles, Company name, along with full address, company details (i.e. number of employees, annual revenue, website) and full address for follow-up mailings. AND our marketing leads are among the most accurate and up-to-date leads in the industry. 100% GUARANTEED DELIVERY ON ALL RECORDS OUR CLIENTS PAY FOR!   Plus, businesses can obtain marketing leads from over 190 different countries.
Business can't beat fax broadcasting (mass faxing) for its cost effectiveness, instant response from recipients, and ability to obtain business fax leads for the exact geographic or industry-based market a business desires to reach. Get your marketing piece in the hands of 10,000 businesses in less than 30 minutes with our constantly updated fax marketing sales leads!

BUSINESSES READ THEIR FAXES: Business owners will tell you that they read every single fax that is sent to their office. They'll also tell you they discard most junk mail without even opening the envelope!

Our up-to-date (always changing) fax leads contain millions of fax numbers of businesses in virtually every business category imaginable. You can also select specialty criteria within our business fax leads database, including:

  • # Geographic Regions
  • # SIC Code (Industry specific)
  • # Number Of Employees
  • # Business Gross Sales
  • # Business Divisions
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