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If you require fax numbers for Countries outside the U.S. or Canada, please use our International Fax List Quote Form

Fax Numbers Quote Form

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                   Substantial DISCOUNT if using either Faxts Telysis Fax Broadcasting or it's Internet Fax solutions)

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  • $100 Min. Order for Full Records
                (Fax # only orders with less than 1000 total records, we will accept $50 orders)
  • Clients receive up to 2,000 records for minimum order


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    Describe BELOW (in detail) fax records you wish to receive counts/prices on:
    (also include any sub-grouping you request, such as - by state, SIC code, area code, zip, etc...  EXAMPLE - 10,000 records is only $251. So include that you only want enough records chosen until the cost hits $250.  Or you simply want the 1st 5,000 records from available counts ($175)

    GOVT. ASSIGNED INDUSTRY CATEGORIES (SIC codes) - Search By Type of Business

    On the alphabetical SIC listing, you can hit cntrl+E+F to search for any category. Example - perform a Edit/Find and enter "contractor" and find all categories related to contractors. THEN copy the respective SIC code and include it in your below records description.
    download our SIC Codes Table in Adobe pdf to review offline.   SIC codes are how all Fax list databases are catagorized by industry.


    IN BELOW BOX,provide city/state/zips or counties you want records pulled from. Also do you want specific industries (SIC code-industry links above) or biz #s with min. annual revenue or certain min./max. number of employees. Get as specific as you need. If only certain industries, we only need the SIC codes from table.

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