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"Finally a great fax list source!"

fax lists
  - Millions of monthly updated fax numbers indexed by industry type, employees, sales vol., etc...

 - Over 6 million fax #s indexed just by area code/city/state in USA or Canada
  - Business fax numbers throughout 
   the U.S. , Canada & the World

 - Sub-grouped any way you need

 - And a highest guaranteed deliverability on our lists

(all do-not-fax-me requests are removed)

(must use Intl. fax list quote request form   for International Fax Number requests

At ...Fax List Wholesalers we are committed to providing responsive customer service. We understand our customers’ needs, whether they are experienced in fax broadcasting or are newcomers with lots of questions.

  1. We provide a "accuracy guarantee" plus a low price guarantee.
  2. DON'T BE FOOLED by those out there selling fax directories on Cdrom or some other outdated method.  You get what you pay for and if you are using a fax broadcasting service and you have over 30% undeliverables in a transmission, you likely will end up paying for all those bad numbers and lost potential business anyway!
  3. Lists are constantly updated.   We continually add new records and delete "obsoletes" and "do not fax me’s". Don't get into trouble by buying lists from an outdated fax number directory!!
  4. Area Code Updates - $10 or less per 1,000 records in your database of numbers.
    Database has continued to expand since 1988. It now totals more than 20,000,000 records all over the world; Including 340,000+ U.S. manufacturers, 600,000+ professional offices, 65,000+ travel business, 130,000+ distributors, 250,000+ financial and real estate, virtually all North American hospitals and auto dealers along with every newspaper, magazine, radio and TV station in the USA.  16,000,000 updated records indexed just be area or country codes, which can be bought by city, state or country region.
  5. Aside from the ability to select records by industry type, geographic area, area code, zip codes, city, state, etc., our providers use there marketing and list management experience to provide you with the most responsive clean lists available.
  6. Because fax marketing is a time sensitive, dynamic business, processing your requests is our top priority.
  7. We invite you to test our provider fax lists against any others. We will demonstrate that our pricing is the most competitive in the industry based on response rates!

Simply use our Fax List Inquiry form or our Intl. Fax Numbers Form
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we will contact you with the total fax records
and price per record.

Rental/Purchase Pricing – Accuracy Guaranteed!


$100 Minimum Orders Requested, but will entertain orders as low as $50
Rates are negotiable  with database dept. once counts retrieved from database
(Provide us any quote & we'll beat it. Period)

Below Standard Rates are listed in cents ($0.xx) per record
Unlimited Use, Cust. Takes Delivery
Fax number only



(you can note your interest on 
Quote Form )

Unlimited Use, Cust. Takes Delivery
Co Name &Fax number 
Unlimited Use, Cust. Takes Delivery
Full Record (Co Name, addr, phone, fax, contact)
 Fax # only by area codes
One Time Use, Delivered to Broadcaster, Cust Does Not Take Delivery

Unlimited Use, Cust. Takes Delivery
Co Name, Fax number ... (full record)
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PRICE PER FAX RECORD – International
 Ask for quote - provide countries needed and other requirements in our
Fax Directories-Numbers Quote/Inquiry form


  • Geographic - select by State, City, Zip Code, Area Code, or Telephone Exchange
  • Business - select by Industry Type (SIC), Employee Size
  • Revenue, Contact Name, Job Title etc.
    (See Quote Inquiry/Request Form for SIC tables & further details)
    Files are ASCII comma-delimited or dBase, other formats available (usually for no additional charge).

Prepayment Required:

  • E-Mail List - NO CHARGE (Sent via email attachment immediately following payment received)

  • Standard First Class Mail (CD ROM)
              Service charge per order: $10.00
  • Overnight Delivery via Courier: $15.00 Minimum Order must be: $200.00

Our Fax Directories are easily uploaded by your chosen Fax Broadcast Provider to begin using the same day!

Simply use our Fax List Inquiry form or Intl. Fax List Form to send us your fax list inquiry and we will contact you with the total fax records available and price per record.

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For International Fax Numbers - use Intl. Quote form or dial 1-425-881-6331 *2
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